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August Nights

I was walking home and stopped and stared at the moon. I took a few photos and then headed to my door. There was a woman sitting on the step and she got up very apologetically even though I'd said a few times not to worry. I opened my door and went in. 2 seconds later I went out and said to her, oh you should definitely look at the moon. She agreed it was beautiful. Tomorrow is full moon she said and I smiled and said yeah it looks really round and luminous. She was a very interesting person and after a couple of minutes talking about the moon I sat down on a step to engage more. There I was with my keys in my hand and my backpack and camera on me for about an hour. I made a friend. My friend has great advice.

We made friends with the neighbour's cat and we chattered away for a while into midnight.

Stop and talk to someone on your doorstep, it makes you smile.

💜ZoZo X

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