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I Won't Leave Your Bed Tonight

Last night I performed my song ‘I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight’ for the first time. It’s a song about alcohol. It’s a song about my experiences with people who drink. I don’t drink, never have.

I have nothing against alcohol and people who drink, it just affects the way you have certain (all!) conversations and the way you get to know people. Specially when a lot of my time is (was) spent in venues meeting people who’ve probably had a drink, or two.. or 5? I don’t even know what the normal drinking quantity is, literally I have no clue. I eat a bar of 85% dark chocolate a day, I know what eating a lot of chocolate is like.. With drinking, I have no clue.. When people say, ‘I’ve only had a couple of drinks’, that may be just enough for you to pursue things on the night that you didn’t actually have in mind at the beginning of the night.

I said a lot of my time WAS (past) spent in venues because in the past few months I’d had enough of being surrounded by what I can describe as false compliments, false kisses, false lies, false attitudes and people who I actually don’t know at all while thinking I did.

The drinking culture in this country has really made me stronger about my decision not to join in.

It was nice to play a song about how much the non drinking has affected me to a crowd of, dare I say, slightly intoxicated people who enjoyed it and could, kind of, understand and relate to it.

I feel excited that it went well and that it’s something that comes across as more inspirational and not, somewhat, preachy! I’m thinking of making this song my first single. I’m excited to show what I’ve been up to in the past 6 months and hope the good feedback I got last is a sign that we shouldn't be afraid to express our views and experiences on what is seen as the norm.

💜ZoZo 🌙

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