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May Colours

This is a new page for a new month. I have lights shining in front of me. Little clasps holding my photos and favourite things I’ve collected and made. The little lights are lit even in broad daylight but that’s what makes me happy and that’s what I like to see when I’m playing with my thoughts and playing with my mind.

The first 4 months of the year have gone way too fast and it’s slowly approaching that weird summer time feeling where you feel you should be doing a whole load of exciting things but well, I’m just happy bumbling along. I have many pans for my music and creative ventures. So yes, exciting things are coming!

I have some news about my music which I’ll be sharing with you soon - I can’t wait!!

I’ve been coming to terms with a few things in the past few months that I will talk about at some point. It’s been a little strange and although I feel the happiest I’ve ever felt I think, there are little (big) things that are on my mind which I need to get used to. Will only mean I’ll be off home to Spain more often which I guess that’s okay and quite nice.

Here are some snaps of my last visit home 2 weeks ago:

#ZoZoLand ✨💜💫

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